The sparkling diamond like sea in front of me has suddenly darkened. Nearly 20m down the depth of the Indian Ocean with three friends by my side. I knew I was about to come across something big. I just didn’t know what. Coincidentally, Cryptocurrency came into existence in the same year in which I was exploring the vast underneath’s of the world.

This blog covers trends, price movements, fundamentals and technicals of Digital Currencies (Bitcoin, Ether and many more). Digital currency world is unmistakably a bubble but that bubble is going to be big. Slowly but steadily consulting firms, investment banks and other financial institutions have started moving into this space.

Divers-fixation is not about the fixation of the diver but it is about diversification. Diversification is the most important financial rule. And here is a product which can give you a chance to diversify and get better risk adjusted returns. In simple language, higher returns at lower risk.

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